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2016 Letter to Residents


Getting back to business has not been easy the past five weeks. Gradually, painfully, but surely we move forward, count our blessings and continue to “Make Someone’s Day.”

To that end, there are three issues residents have expressed as priorities during my administration.

* Keep Taxes Stable

Next to safety, tax stability is far and away the most important issue for our community. We feel as though we are doing our part with tax cuts in two of the last three years, along with a stable tax rate in four of the last five years.

* Limit Residential Development

We have worked very hard with Township Council to keep additional residential housing at a minimum. What we know is each single family home produces an average of 2.5 children. On a lot of 50 homes, those combined numbers add up to approximately $1 million a year in total services in an overburdened school district. Over the long term that cost is unsustainable.

* A unified zip code for Robbinsville.

Residents have spoken and we have listened. We have worked tirelessly with Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo and his office, along with the support of U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, on making “Robbinsville, NJ 08691” an official designation with the United States Postal Service. The USPS required 80 percent of the residents and businesses to respond with at least 75 percent of respondents agreeing to the change. Make no mistake, this was a tall order.

Lastly, in order to keep taxes stable we need to limit residential development. We do that by balancing our development and looking at potential open space we could use to benefit the community. I want the residents to weigh in on this decision, so we will be asking the community to come out and vote for a small increase in the Municipal Open Space Tax this fall for the purpose of purchasing and preserving close to 400 acres of potential developable land. The two parcels are 200 acres across from Robbinsville High School slated to produce 50 homes, and nearly 190 acres that comprise the former Miry Run Golf Course. Along with the support of Township Council, should we succeed in getting the measure onto the November, 2016 election ballot. The final step is to have your support and getting it passed. An increase in the Open Space Tax now prevents the development of those two key parcels, which only burdens the school district.

I hope you are as optimistic as we are about the stability of Robbinsville Township, and I look forward to seeing you at the polls in November. Enjoy your new website!

Most Sincerely,


Mayor Dave Fried

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